Our team!

David Housholder

Senior Pastor. Fulbright Scholar in New Testament. VW Bus guy.

Tamara Durica

Associate Pastor. Preacher. Multi-vocational. Cursillo and BSF veteran. MC during our services.

Kim Hynes

Worship Pastor. Angels fan. Notre Dame football enthusiast. Dental office manager.

Linda Vannoy-Castillo

Missions Pastor. Boundless energy. Loves the Word. Wears purple.

John Ellis

Vice-president. Second in command. CPA.

Bud Potter

Pastor to Faraway Friends. Gifted preacher. Heart for missions.

Many more great leaders:

  • Matt Szabo, board secretary
  • Tim Fay, board treasurer
  • Janet Richards, pastor to faraway friends
  • Tonya Garske Hollenbeck, A/V and broadcasting
  • Zac Zamarripa and Ostin Gaylord, social media
  • Stan Kadowaki, How I Met My Father testimonies
  • Jesica Specht, worship leader and recording artist
  • Jenn Dietz, worship leader and recording artist
  • Linda Hynes, experience director
  • Aidana Kozhoeva, worship leader and recording artist
  • Amy Thiessen, nursery and children
  • Shelly Lien, book-keeper
  • Allen Morris, Alpha Course
  • Mark Ahrens, Publisher
  • Karen Games, medical missionary
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