What to expect when you visit....
  1. How long is the service? About 85 minutes with a break in the middle to get snacks, chat, use the restroom, etc.
  2. What about kids? We are a multi-generational church. Infants, children, and nursing mothers are invited to stay with us during the service or go to our professionally-staffed infant/children center at any time.
  3. What’s the service like? We have three outstanding worship leaders who rotate Sundays. They are contemporary Christian music artists. We start with a praise set, take a break, and then go into especially deep and practical Bible teaching. We celebrate communion every Sunday and often have personal prayer ministry time.
  4. How do people normally dress? Flip-flop friendly. Beach casual is fine. Although a handful of people like dressing up for fun.
  5. How to find us? This can be tricky the first time, but easier after that. We meet in the newly remodeled chapel in the back of the Surf City Church campus by the large parking lot. White signs with our logo will lead the way. Plenty of on-site parking. Handicapped accessible. All one level.
  6. Are there people like me? The Well has every kind of person from wealthy to poor, young to old, lots of ethnic backgrounds, highly educated to less so. We share a desire to Dive Deep Together into Spirit-filled worship and high-end Bible teaching based on the original biblical languages with practical application. A large portion of our adults are single.
  7. What denomination are you? We officially non-denominational, but have especially close relationships with the Alliance of Renewal Churches and the Foursquare Church. We also have a Charismatic Lutheran background (yes there is such a thing!) and are involved with Lutheran Cursillo (a Holy Spirit renewal movement). Basically, we are Spirit-filled and Bible-based.
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